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Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Tools for a Success Driven Mindset

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You probably need a success driven mindset if you have done all you can to grow your business and nothing seems to be working.

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When I started my first business, no one told me my biggest enemy and obstacle would be me. It never occurred to me that I could stop myself from getting what I desperately wanted without knowing it.

My mindset was sabotaging me no matter how much effort I put in. I learnt to develop a winning mindset the hard way.

Here I will show you the tools you need to build the right mindset that will help you grow a business you would be proud of. Every tool I recommend here are tools I use myself which have helped me.

Here are my top 3 recommended tools for achieving a success driven mindset

Remove sabotaging roadblocks

First, you need to remove sabotaging road blocks in your mind that are stopping you and replace them with success enabling thoughts. 

sabotaging roadblock tools for a success driven mindset

To remove the road block, you need to start listening to your inner dialogue (the conversation you are having with yourself) and start noting down all the things you are telling yourself that have been stopping you.

Do this for one week. After you have captured most of these negative thoughts on paper, look at them.

You will see that some of them are repetitive. These are your core beliefs. These are the things stopping you from achieving your desires.

You have to re-write these inner negative conversations in a positive way. 

If for example you have been telling yourself, I don’t have all it takes to grow a business, you can change it to ‘I have all it takes to grow a very successful business. I have the right skills, the right resources and the right team working with me’. 

Change all the sabotaging thoughts into positive statements. Write them down.

The next thing you need to do is to read out those words to yourself first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep at night for the next 6 months. It takes time to change our core beliefs.

To make this even more effective, you can try recording these positive affirmations with your android phone or iPhone.

If you don’t have a recording app in your phone, download from Google play store or Apple store.

When you are done with recording, you can play it over and over to your self using an ear piece.

Affirmations work better if you can listen to it while sleeping. Your sub-conscious mind which you are trying to re-write does not sleep even when you are sleeping. Your conscious mind is at sleep, so you have a better opportunity to re-wire the subconscious mind.

To listen to your affirmations while sleeping, you need sleep head Phones that you can plug into your phone.

Set your music player to repeat, set the volume to moderate so it does not disturb your sleep and your affirmations will be playing till you wake up.

Once there is a shift in your mindset, you will start experiencing more wins and success in your life.

It’s automatic.

You may be wondering, so if its so easy like this why are a lot of people not successful?

The reason is most people don’t know this is the problem they have and those who know do not commit to doing it as long as it takes to see results.  


The second thing you need do is daily meditation.

meditate tools for a success driven mindset

Meditation will help you to know yourself, regain lost confidence and discover the new you. 

Apart from helping you to discover yourself, meditation helps to remove any kind of stress, helps you to increase productivity as you will have a better focus and always be in a good mood.

Looking for what to help you meditate everyday so you stay on top of your game? Use these empowering question cards.

These cards will help you boost your self confidence, stay focused, know yourself better, and relieve anxiety and stress.

Visualize it

Write your dream down on paper or a Panda planner.

Describe your dream in detail stating exactly what you want and when you want it.

Be very specific. For example, if what you want is a car, which brand of car? What model? Which colour and when do you want it?

State everything in detail.

You should write down your dream for every part of your life: relationships, business. health, finance and so on.

Place a picture of how you want your business to be in your mind and hold the picture there.

The process is the same for any other dream in your planner.

visualize tools for a success driven mindset

Next, visualize it. Paint a vivid picture of it in your mind.

When you visualize, you are using the creative power of your mind to create your world, your business and the kind of life you want to live.

Ensure that when you are visualizing that you place only a picture of the end result of what you want in your mind.

If you want a business that generates $100k monthly, see your business generating that money in your mind. Play a vivid video of your business in your mind and see yourself receiving a cheque of that amount monthly.

See it as already achieved and already yours in your mind. Don’t worry about how it would happen. The ‘how’ is not your job.

Your job is to see it as yours and to believe you have already received it and relax.

Being anxious about it tells the universe and your brain that you don’t have it yet. So, you won’t be able to attract it.

You must feel good to send a signal to the universe that you are already in possession of your desire.

Feel the feeling you will feel as if you already have it. The feeling is how the magic happens.

It is then that you will have what you crave.

Above all, use your mouth to your advantage and not against you. Say only what you want to see happen.

Don’t say ‘I am finished’ if you want things to be well with you.

Say only what you want because the universe is always listening to give to everyone according to what they say.

Bonus point

Maintain a daily gratitude journal. Always be thankful for what you have and where you are now no matter how things are with you.

Find something to be grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for as long as you are still alive.

Every night before you sleep, write down 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.

Doing these things consistently will bring you so much abundance and happiness.

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