Success Mindset

Success Mindset: Entrepreneur’s Guide to Acquiring the Mindset for a Successful Business

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Hi. I am Chinny. Today, I will walk you through a guide on the kind of mindset you should have to be successful as an entrepreneur and how to acquire it. 

The greatest asset you have and will ever have in this world is not your house, investments or bank account. Your greatest asset is your mind. Yes, your mind!

As an entrepreneur, you need a winning mindset. A mindset that can easily overcome challenges, that calls failure an opportunity and masters its fears.

Each week, you should take stock of the time and resources you have invested in your mind. You must keep track of what is going into your mind on a daily basis.

If you don’t invest the right seed in your mind, the wrong seed (negativity) will grow there because life abhors vacuum.

“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”
― Debasish Mridha

My Experience

When I started my first business, sales was so poor. My belief was that with time things would change; they never did.

Looking at a lot of other businesses like mine, I found out they were making lots of sales. So, the problem was not from the industry.

Thinking the problem could be from my products, I checked and they were exactly what my competitors where offering and my product was even superior to the ones some of them were selling yet they were making more sales. 

Sure it must be my marketing is not enough, I thought. More effort was made to intensify my marketing efforts and this produced very little result. What could be the problem? I kept asking myself. 

2 staff  were on my payroll producing my products while I was in charge of marketing/sales. Every month, I kept wondering how I would pay them.  Sometimes I felt like running whenever it was time to pay them so they would not see me to ask for their money. It was horrible.

I considered letting them go but knew I would not be able to handle everything alone. So, I needed them. Things kept getting bad to the point that I started owing their salary. 

They started leaving one after another until I was left alone. I entered my business place one day and no one came to work. 

Gaining a success mindset, things began to change 

It was time to change something about me, but did not know what. In my desperation, I picked my phone and started searching for help online.That was when I discovered the video called the Secret and my life turned around.

I found out that I have been sabotaging my success with my negative mindset and that I could create the kind of world I wanted. Quickly, I  started making changes.

You don’t need to wait for your situation to get as bad as mine was to start making changes in your life. Please don’t be like me. 

I have watched some of my friends experience dramatic changes in their lives by making some changes. You too can if you will do the same thing.

I put together this guide to help you develop a success driven mindset so you don’t suffer what I went through. 


You need to invest in your mind more than you invest in your work or business because, at the end of everything it’s your mindset that takes you to great heights. 


What does success mindset mean anyway? 

Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your habits.  Oxford Dictionary defines it as The established set of attitudes held by someone. 

Your thoughts shape your beliefs, your beliefs shape your attitude (habit) and your attitude which is your mindset determines your actions and your spoken words.

So, you see. Your mindset is a big deal!



“Negative thoughts stick around because we believe them. Refuse to accept them and they will leave you alone” Chinenye Obiozor

From my past experiences, I have learnt how important mindset is to my success as an entrepreneur. In fact, Mindset is the main currency that attracts success to you. 

You can be as smart you want to be, devise the greatest marketing strategies in the world and have the best product, if you have a negative mindset, you will never become a success because your mindset will keep attracting negative circumstances to you instead of the success you crave. 

Poor thinking habits will keep you poor no matter how intelligent you are. 

A lot of times we form some perceptions and have certain believes about what we can do, what we can have,what can happen to us and these believes become a strong hold in our minds forming our behaviour(habits) and determining the outcomes in our lives.

Get your head right, and the rest will work itself out; with your hard work of course

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

This is how it works. The mind is like a factory. All you think about all day long pours ingredients into the mental factory and that’s what builds the economic, social, financial etc. fabric of your life. 
A bible phrase says, ” as you think; so you become“. Very often,the biggest barrier standing between us and success is us.

Success is something you attract not something you pursue, so if you are among those that pursue money, you should stop already. Work on your mind and personal development instead. 

If you want to live the life you have always dreamed of or build the kind of business you have always wished to have then you should prepare for a mindset shift. 

I encourage you to read this guide to the end as it would give you an idea of what is truly possible if you are willing to work on yourself bit by bit everyday.

Alright, so lets set the ball rolling.

In the next 3 guides, I will be sharing with you the knowledge, practices, habits that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. 

I will also be sharing with you the secret of the most successful entrepreneurs.

I will show you how to manage your limited time effectively, how to face your fears and how to use your mistakes as a launching platform for growth and success and how to sustain success using the right tools.

Here are the list of guides to help you develop an ever winning mindset:

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