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Want to grow your side hustle faster? Here is how we can help you

“No one goes to war and succeeds without learning the art of war”

The Doer's Den by is fully loaded with all you need to grow your business and to become a better entrepreneur. I got some materials here that have changed the way I do business. I encourage anyone to try it.

Grow your side hustle with the right skills. Get instant access to  carefully selected classic business books, book summaries, podcast summaries, success secrets of famous self-made billionaires . . . and lots more. Every knowledge you need to run a successful side business in one place . . .

Are you tired of your salary never being enough to buy the things you desire and finally live a life of your dreams? Do you wonder whether you will ever be able to choose when to work and when to spend quality time with your family without wondering what your boss will say if you ask for leave . . . again?

What if you can finally get to do all those things you have been dreaming of . . .like travelling round the world . . . but you can’t because you don’t have the means or you are afraid you may lose your job.

What if I tell you that you can have all these and more?

Yes, you can!

You can live the life of your dream . . . on your own terms.

This is the reason we created the Doer’s Den . . . to help you acquire the skills you need to run a successful side hustle that you can conveniently do while working your 9/5 job.

You get to make more money on the side. . . and be able to quit your day job . . . and live a life you have always wanted . . .on your own terms.

No more boss calling . . 

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Why Doer's Den?

Side Hustle Skills

Learn all the skills you need on the go . . .in one place.

We Guide You

We have handpicked the resource you need to succeed.

A Community

Learn alongside people like you.

Fresh Content

New content added every week.

Imagine . . .

eVUNN La-Voiture-Noire-BUGATTIevunn luxury vacation

Starting anything worth doing is never easy. . .

And I will never promise you that it will be easy. You will need to sacrifice some fun time and devote it to learning or working on your side hustle.

Yea, I know you barely have enough time for yourself and family after work, but would you rather leave things the way they are?

Wouldn’t you rather sacrifice that party time with friends on Saturdays and get the skills that will help you build a side hustle that would buy you and your children a dream home, the best schools, designer perfumes, choice jewellery, awesome travel experience . . . and freedom?

If you can afford one hour everyday chatting with friends on social media . . . you can afford one hour a day to acquire business skills.


Of course you can.

All you need is one hour a day to invest in both learning and working on your side hustle.

Starting a side hustle with the right business skills is the best thing you can do for yourself. At Doer’s Den, you learn from successful entrepreneurs who have gone ahead of you.

So, you are not starting from zero . . . you are starting from their experience.

Here is What People are Saying About Doer's Den

"I have learnt a lot using The Doer's Den. The Website is so easy to navigate. I recommend this platform to anyone who intends to grow a business"
Tina Ogbonna
Tina Ogbonna

Wisdom for Growing a Side Hustle in One Place

Learn the skills you need . . . earn more

"I really recommend Growing my business has been a lot easier since I started using the Doer's Den. Lots of ideas from books and other entrepreneurs"
The Doer's Den has been the place for me to learn business skills faster. I love the book summaries. They help me gain knowledge that I would have spent a lot of time to acquire if I had to read the whole book.
Nkoli Enwelu

. . . so, you need to take the bull by the horn right now and do what will continuously put a smile on your face 3,4,5 . . . years down the line

Let’s look at it this way. Sometimes life happens. What if you lose your job and not able to get another one, how will you fund your family expenses?

Yea, you may have savings, it will get depleted at a point. Right?  Then what happens? This means you won’t be able to afford your children’s school fees, nice food, fancy car, health care, a roof over your head etc. . . . But, if you have a side hustle that is bringing you money, you won’t feel it.

You will still be able to provide for your family . . . you won’t look stupid in front of friends. All these are only possible if you start a side hustle with the right business skills. No one goes to war and succeeds without learning the art of war.

No one can . . .

. . . guarantee you that your first side hustle will become the next Amazon. Whether you succeed or not, rests on you having the right knowledge plus a determination to get what you want. If you are willing to start taking the right steps now, you can become anything you want . . . you can achieve your dream . . . you can build something that will pay you till you die even if you decide never to work again.

It all starts from the first step . . . learn what you need to succeed.

Here are the things you will save by not waiting till tomorrow to join the community of doers . . .

There is no reason to wait to get tomorrow something that benefits you more . . . if you can get it today

If you don’t start TODAY . . . right now, you may never get to start . . . and if you don’t start, you won’t be helping your family either.

You can’t afford to take a chance . . .

You can’t afford to leave your family out in the cold should anything happen to your job . . . can you? You can’t afford to risk poverty either. 

But you can afford ₦‎7,000. 


You can afford to invest in knowledge THAT  WILL BRING YOU CONSISTENT WEALTH. You can afford to have the best for your family. You can afford to stop worrying about how to pay your bills.

It ONLY COSTS YOU ₦‎77 a day . . . spread over 3 months.

What can ₦‎7,000 buy for you? A launch date with a friend maybe . . . you eat . . . and that’s the end. Why not use that ₦‎7,000 to buy knowledge that will help you to live life on your own terms? 

Well, the choice is yours. The ball is in your court. It’s either you take your future in your hands right now or you don’t . . . and never achieve your dream. . .


Let's Look At ALL The Things You Will Get If You Pay . . . Right Now:

Remember, you will get a full refund if you subscribe and not like it.

How it works


We Send You Books Based on the Skills you Need to Learn

Start & Grow your Side Hustle

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A small investment, an incredible business growth opportunity

Grow in skill. . .achieve more

Get immediate access to powerful ideas from books, podcasts & business lessons from famous successful entrepreneurs. Turn your side hustle into a successful brand with the right knowledge.

All skills in one Place

All you need to grow a side hustle in one place.

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I love the Doer's Den. It's a platform that helps both new entrepreneurs and existing ones learn business skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our subscribers always ask

When you subscribe and you don't like it, we give you a full refund of your money. All you need to do is send us a message with your order details.

To subscribe, hit the try it for ₦7,000 button, follow the instructions, make payment and you would have immediate access to the Doer's Den. You may also subscribe here.

Yes, with just ₦7,000, we send you books based on the skills you need to  learn and you also gain access to all resources in the Doer's Den including the community of other like minded people plus every new content added every week for the duration of your subscription.

However, for the ₦1000 subscription which is the gold plan, you will receive eBooks instead of hard copy books.

Once you subscribe to any of the plans,  you get a premium access to the community. You will see the link in your member area.

Note: You can still gain access into the community even when you have not subscribed to any plan, but you won't be able to use some features like ask questions etc.

Have more questions? Send us a message.

No. You don't pay for shipping. If you subscribe for the Diamond plan, your books are sent to you without the need to pay extra for shipping.