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103 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money in 2023

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Are you looking for a lucrative side hustle idea to make money this year? Last week a friend of mine that works in a bank asked, “what side hustle can I do to make make money on the side?” So, today I will answer that question by listing 103 side business ideas you can start right now and start making extra cash.

The first place to look at while looking for side hustle idea are your skills, experiences and passion. What skill do you have that other people around you don’t have and will pay to learn? What experience do you have that can solve a problem for other people that they don’t mind paying for? What do you love to do that you know others will like to pay for?

Start from there, but if after searching and you can’t still find the best side hustle idea for you,  look at out list for inspiration.

There are a lot of side hustles you can do in your spare time while working your 9/5 job. Here, I have listed the most lucrative ones and the ones you can easily do without interfering with your 9/5 job and still make lots of money.

Here is a list of the side hustle ideas to make money . . .enjoy!


1. Manage social media pages for small businesses:

Small businesses with small team or solo entrepreneurs are looking for good social media managers so they can focus their time on growing their businesses.

Skill required: copywriting, graphic & video editing, SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge, communication skills, content planning, community management, writing and research skills

2. Become a virtual assistant to small businesses

A lot of big businesses are now having a lot of people work for them from home. You can offer them your skills.

Skill required: administrative skills

3. Become a direct response copywriter for either businesses or NGOs.

A copywriter helps businesses make sales with persuasive written sales copy. Businesses are looking for copywriters who can write their ads, emails, sales letters, product descriptions etc.

Skill required: Copywriting

4. Become a content writer for businesses. 

You can help businesses write blog posts. Content writing is in more demand now than ever before. You may start as a freelancer in sites like upwork, fiverr etc. Jasper will help you write faster.

5. Start a writing agency: 

You can offer to write articles, e-books for others, and get other freelancers to work for you and you pay them from your profits.

6. Accounting & book keeping for small businesses: 

If you have knowledge of accounting & book keeping, offer your services to small businesses who can’t afford to pay big accounting firms.

7. Become a ghostwriter: 

A ghostwriter is someone who writes books for others and does not take credit as the author. So, if you have great writing skills, this maybe for you and you can make lots of money doing it.

8. Start a branding agency for small businesses: 

Businesses need business cards, logo, envelops, promotion materials etc. You help small businesses communicate their uniqueness to the public.

Skills needed: Knowledge of branding, graphic design and advertising, 

9. Grant writing: 

Every business needs funding to succeed. There are a lot of grants for businesses out there and businesses are looking for expert grant writers to help them get the funding.

Skill needed: Grant writing skills. If you are looking for where to learn this skill, check Funding Square.

10. Recycling business. 

Do you have some space in your yard? Start collecting waste materials like used tires, used phones, PET bottles, scrap metals, aluminum waste etc. and sell them to recycling companies around you.

11. Teach your skills over Skype: 

There are skills you have that a lot of people wish they have and are willing to pay money for. Find one of those skills and teach them over Skype.

12. Start a blog: 

You can start a blog on any topic and then make money from displaying ads, selling affiliate products or your own products. You can create a professional blog with WordPress and host it with Bluehost which is beginner friendly and makes installing WordPress very easy.

13. Create an online course:

You can create a course based on a skill you have and sell it to others. In this way, instead of spending hours each time you want to teach it, you create it once and sell it as many times as you want to so many people and make money even while you sleep.

14. Build sales funnels for small businesses:

A lot of small businesses are beginning to understand the importance of sales funnels. If you have knowledge of this, you can make money on the side helping others bring in leads.

15. Run digital ads for small businesses:

You can start running Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc. ads for businesses.

16. Write an e-book:

 sell the book on book marketplaces online like Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo etc or on your own website.

18. Sell used books online or offline:

You can list your used books on platforms like Amazon and make some money.

19. Baby sit for busy mums on weekends

A lot of working mums need to rest or attend events on weekends and would be needing the help of a nanny. You can cover that angle for them and be paid for it.

You can also open weekend day care in your home and help a lot of busy mums at a time. 

20. Clean homes for people in your city on weekends:

There will always be people who need their houses cleaned especially on weekends. This business is easy to start and demands a lot of integrity. You can choose to do the work yourself or get people to do it while you supervise.

21. Start phone or laptop repair services:

Almost everyone uses phone and laptops and the need to repair them are

22. Design professional logos for businesses

23. Teach a language:

You can start teaching English language or any other language like French, Spanish etc online.

24. Wash & detail cars on weekends: 

You can run this as a mobile car wash where you visit people’s homes and detail their cars.

25. Start a weekend wholesale food restock business for busy mums: 

Most mums who work 9/5 would rather pay someone to buy all the food stuffs and groceries so she can spend that time with her family. You can be her go to person and take that burden off her.

26. Personal fitness trainer:

If you have expert knowledge in weight loss or in keeping fit, you can become a personal fitness trainer. Just focus on a particular audience. For example you can focus on overweight girls, women who want to trim post pregnancy fat etc.

27. Sell meal plans online:

If you are a dietitian or you have knowledge of creating meal plans for a particular audience, this could be a side hustle for you. For example, you could create a meal plan for men suffering from diabetes etc.

28. Become a relationship coach:

A lot of people are having lots of conflicts in their marriages and romantic relationships. You can teach them how to resolve their disputes and offer them tools to deepen their intimacy and pleasure.

29. Start a dating site:

you can create a dating platform and enable men and women interested in starting new relationships meet. A lot of people are looking for where to find the right dates that match their personalities.

30. Give music lessons:

If you have knowledge of how to play any musical instrument like piano, trumpet etc. You can start teaching others especially children. You can also create this as a course and sell it online to reach more people.

31. Become an affiliate marketer:

You don’t need to have your own product before you can make money on the side. Affiliate marketing is about selling other people’s products by referring people to the business of others using an affiliate link and when they buy, you earn commission on sales. There are lots of products you can sell as an affiliate.

31. Start a drop shipping business:

A dropshipping business is a model that allows you to sell other people’s product on your ecommerce site as if it’s your product without handling inventory and fulfillment. The product is sold by you but shipped by the owner of the product. You can start dropshipping with sites like Aliexpress.

33. Drop servicing business:

This is a high profit business model that involves selling services done by another person. For example, if you decide to start an email copywriting agency, all the email copywriting services would be done by other businesses that you contract. Your job is just marketing the business. When the client pays you, you pay the people who do the job and take the balance. This model can be used to provide different services including babysitting.

34. Run an email marketing agency:

Email marketing is in hot demand. Businesses are willing to pay for services that will help them gain new clients. You can help them provide this service by just writing their email copies or writing copies and helping them set up sales funnels and email automation to reach their clients.

35. Write resumes for people: 

Use professional sites like LinkedIn for marketing your services.

36. Become a local tour guide:

You can make money on the side by offering to give tourists a tour of places of attractions in your area on weekends or in your spare time.

37. Start interior decoration:

If you are good with colours and have knowledge of design trends and styles. You may choose to focus on homes, hotels or office spaces.

38. Start a YouTube channel:

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the easiest and affordable ways to start a side hustle. To grow a YouTube channel faster, use TubeBuddy to find high converting SEO ready video topics so you rank higher in search results.

39. Run a podcast show:

To make money on the side, you can start a podcast show on any topic you know people are interested in and monetize it with affiliate products, adverts or use it to sell your own products.

40. Video editing for businesses:

Every business needs a video for marketing. If you are great with video editing, this side hustle may be for you.

41. Graphic designer: Graphic designers are in hot demand these days: 

You can design logos, e-book covers for authors, etc. What you can do with graphic design is endless.

42.Become a proofreader:

If you are great with reading, have good command of English (or the language of the content) and can easily find errors in written content, you can become a proof reader for authors, magazines etc.

43. Natural child birth educator:

If you are certified, know the signs of labour, can give emotional & physical support to the new mum etc, you can go for this.

44. Web design:

Almost every business is online these days. You decide to use a CMS like WordPress to create beautiful websites for businesses. You can also charge to offer WordPress support services like helping to fix bugs, etc. to businesses.

45. Programmer:

Programmers are in hot demand. You may choose to focus on APP programming.

46. Sell wigs online:

Anyone can start and make money selling wigs especially online. You don’t need to be a wig maker to sell wigs. Get good wig makers to supply you and you brand and sell the wigs or you can use the dropshipping model or the affiliate model to sell wigs.

47. Buy products cheap and resell for profit on marketplaces like Amazon, Jumia, Konga:

Look for products that are in hot demand. You can source your products cheap from Alibaba, Aliexpress etc.

48. Start your own ecommerce store:

If you have your own products, you can start an ecommerce store. You can also use the affiliate model or the dropshipping model on your ecommerce store.

49. Create documentaries:

If you have a background in photography and film making, you can work on contract basis on other people’s documentary projects. You can also work with marketing companies that want the advertisement to look like a documentary (branded content).

50. Leasing:

You can lease equipments to businesses. Just choose an industry and look for equipments small businesses find it difficult to buy and start leasing it to them.

51. Sell stock pictures:

People are looking for images they can use online. If you are good with your camera, you can create and start selling your images in stock image market places online like iStock.

52. Buy art works and resell them for profit.

If you love collecting Art works, this may be the side hustle for you. You can use sites like ArtPal to buy and resell your artwork.

53. Sell cell phone accessories like phone case, cover etc. online and offline

54. Become a Google paid ad specialist:

You can help people and businesses run Google ad campaigns if you have the skill.

55. Start a vegetable farming business:

If you have some space in your yard, you can start a vegetable garden. Sell off like hot cake.

56. Become a travel consultant:

If you can pay attention to details and have a desire to help people, have great communication skills and the ability to find great destinations, you can be travel consultant. You can help your clients with planning, coordinating and taking care of their travel needs.

57. Sell your crafts on Etsy, Afrikrea:

If you make crafts like handmade earrings, you can sell them on Etsy, Afrikrea marketplaces.

58. Start an online clothing line: 

Get others to produce for your line of clothing and sell them using ecommerce websites.

58. Patent something and resell it:

Do you have an idea of a new way of doing something? Create the technology and have other businesses that need it pay you to use it or you can sell it outright to the highest bidder.

59. Buy and sell domain names:

You can buy domain names, park them for a while and sell them at a higher price as old domains. You can also buy expired domains with some traffic and resell them for big money.

60. Yoga meditation consultant:

If you have knowledge of yoga meditation, you can start helping people become more self aware

61. Translator:

Translators are in high demand. If you can write and speak more than one language fluently, you can become a translator helping people and businesses accurately convert written content from one language to the other making it available in other countries. Authors, businesses that do transactions with other countries need translators. You can search for jobs on freelance websites.

62. Start DJ-ing on weekends:

You can become a DJ at parties, clubs during the weekends.

63. Bake cakes:

People will never stop eating cakes. The more the population, the more the need for cakes. You can start selling homemade cup cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes etc.

64. Start making handmade jewelries

You can make things like earrings, bangles, costume necklaces etc and sell both on wholesale or retail.

65. Refurbish old hand bags:

Buy used handbags from markets that sell used fashion items like Aswani in Lagos Nigeria and cover them with materials like Ankara etc and resell as new bags.

66. Purchase an existing website for resale on sites like flippa:

You can flip websites the same way you flip real estates and make some cool cash.

67. Become a wedding planner:

Some people don’t have the time or skill to plan their own weddings. You can be their go to person.

68. Vacation planning:

Start planning vacation for families, newly married peopleetc. And make some money on the side.

69. Start a subscription box business:

A subscription box is a form of e-commerce business model that gets people to subscribe to receive a particular item once a month, quarterly or yearly. You can sell tea bags, personal care items etc as a subscription box.

70. Sell handmade soaps:

start making handmade soaps like dish washing soaps, car washing soaps, bathing soaps etc

71. Create worksheets and templates and sell them online per download.

Look for things that people feel is time consuming or that most people don’t have the skill to do like financial plans and turn them into templates that helps people make the work easier and sell it online per download.

72. Start making candles at home:

There will always be need for candles especially scented candles. You can make them in different sizes. Candle business is not hard to start, so you can run it from your home on weekends and supply to stores or use an e-commerce site to sell them. You can also list them on marketplaces like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Ebay etc

73. Start a moving company:

People will always be in need of experts who handle their properties with care while moving. All you need is a truck and the ability to take care of people’s belongings ensuring they don’t get damaged while moving them or when in transit.

74. Become a personal shopper:

A lot of people are busy and not able to do their own shopping. You can help them shop for groceries and food items.

75. Gift planner & shopper:

Some people don’t know the right gifts to give for some occasions. You can help them plan and shop for gifts for that special someone for items like anniversary gifts, valentine gifts, wedding gifts etc.

76. Wardrobe stylist:

If you have eye for fashion, trends and know what fits different body types, you can become a wardrobe stylist for celebrities, professionals who don’t have the skill. You help them shop for the right clothes in the right colours with matching accessories.

77. Prepare tax returns for businesses.

Many small businesses have a need for tax experts and most of them can’t afford big brands. If you are a tax expert, this could be your side hustle.

78. Teach cooking classes:

If you have passion for cooking and know how to cook, you can start teaching cooking classes in your spare time. You can also package it as a course and sell it online.

79. Become a life coach:

If you enjoy helping people achieve their goals both in personal and professional lives, being a life coach may be a good side hustle for you.

80. De-clutter and organize people’s homes:

A lot of people have so many properties including the ones they are not using scattered all over their houses. You can help them to de-clutter and rearrange their houses on weekends or in your spare times for a fee.

81. Run errands for people just like task rabbits:

you can run errands for people for a fee.

82. Import & export specialist:

A lot of businesses want to start exporting their products and also import raw materials for production and most of them don’t know how to go about it. You can sell your knowledge to them by teaching them or you can help them prepare their shipping or import documents for a fee.

83. Sell fairly used clothes:

Fairly used clothes have a very huge market. You can choose to sell children’s clothes, men’s clothes, and work clothes for women etc.

83. Start a poultry business behind your house:

There will always be need for poultry products. You can start a poultry at your backyard and make money selling eggs, chicken etc.

84. Sell other people’s franchise for a commission:

Become a broker of other people’s franchise and collect a commission.

85. Become a real estate agent:

Help other people sell and rent their properties for a commission if you have a real estate license.

86. Medical courier services:

You can help hospitals and laboratories send things like laboratory results, moving oxygen, organs for transplant, bring blood from the blood bank and so on. Hospitals need people who can help them deliver these things as fast as possible as it is a matter of life and death. All you need to start is a courier motorcycle and a mind to serve.

87. Medical waste management:

Medical waste is not like house waste and must be handled with expert care. So, if you have the expertise to handle medical waste, this could be a side hustle for you.

88. App development:

A lot of businesses need APP to extend their business’s services. If you have knowledge of programming languages, this might be a side hustle for you.

89. New born and post pregnancy services:

New mums always need help around the house and help with the new born. You can help them take care of the babies while they rest, you can also help with house chores and offer a general support to the new mum until she is back on her feet.

90. Shared accessories and attire business like rent the runway.

Some people like to wear some designer clothes and accessories without needing to buy them. You can start a business renting designer clothes, accessories, jewelries, wigs etc to celebrities and those who want to look like celebrities but can’t afford to buy.

91. You can start offering enrichment activities to kids like music, swimming, yoga, art instructions.

A lot of parents are looking for people that can teach these things to their kids.

92. Cooking for busy people:

A lot of people including professionals are too busy to cook their meals and will appreciate if someone cooks homemade meals for them. You can start selling homemade soups, stews from your house on weekends and make some extra cash.

93. Refurbish and sell used furniture.

Buy cool pieces at a thrift store and make them look better than ever with a coat of paint or some new drawer pulls. You can even get gently used pieces off the side of the road for a lower start-up cost

94. Monetize your Instagram account. 

Creating engaging content and using strategic hashtags can help you build a booming following on social media. Once you have upwards of 10k followers, you can start making money by monetizing posts and taking on advertisers.

95. Mow lawns. 

Just print out fliers and drop them off in people’s mailboxes and you’re on your way to building a lawn mowing business as your side hustle.

96. Start an alterations business.

If you have great sewing skills, you can start an alterations side hustle from your own home simply using word-of-mouth recommendations.

97. Become a party planner.

Parents are looking for creative party ideas—both for in-person and virtual events. Think about becoming a party planner to help celebrations go off without a hitch!

98. Do makeup for special events.

Make extra money by doing people’s makeup before big events.

99. Become a handyman-for-hire.

If you’re especially handy, you can sell your time   and expertise by being a house-call handyman who can help out with random jobs around the house, like patching drywall or unclogging a drain.

100. Sell used goods on eBay. 

Rather than donating or tossing old items, like that outdated light fixture you replaced in the dining room, try selling them on eBay first (or alternatives like Mercari app). You never know who might be in the market for a vintage find!

101. Design and sell t-shirts 

Create cool t-shirt designs for your local sports team or high school and get them screen printed in bulk to sell around town.

102. Transcribe interviews. 

Sites like Transcribe Anywhere will pay you to transcribe audio recordings. Set your own schedule, so you can work as much or as little as you like!

103. Sell snacks to co-workers

Find out the kind of snacks your co-workers like to eat and provide them for them. You can also sell your snacks online if you package them well to other workers in the state you reside in.


So, there you have it. All 103 side hustle ideas to make money on the side this year. Choose the one you have the skill for and start. If you don’t have the skill for the one you have interest in, learn the skill and start.

Want to download the list of side hustles as a PDF? Get it here.

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