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Facebook Advert Copy Sample

About this project: The client is a clearing company.

What the client wanted

The client wanted to get more leads for his business.

Solution provided

We ran a Facebook ads campaign for his brand

Result achieved

This copy enabled him to get 7 clients in one month

freelance copywriting for health and wellness brands

Facebook Post reach sample

About the project & what the client wanted.

This is a wig brand that helps wig makers to grow their businesses and they needed copies for their organic posts on face book to get more leads.

Solution provided

We wrote the copy targeting their audience with the right words.

Result achieved

We helped them get 276 leads from this copy alone. See some

freelance copywriting for health brands
freelance copywriting for health brands

Sales Email Sample

About this project - autoresponder series for an auto-immune specialist for eczema treatment services .

What the client wanted

This is one email from a series of 4 sales emails I wrote for the service.

The client wanted to use this email to offer their eczema treatment services to the audience who suffer from a kind of eczema that has defied solutions from dermatologists.

Solution Provided

A research of the audience was conducted and a sales email was written with the result of the research.

The email was also written in way mimicking the voice of the brand which has a professional tone mixed with empathy.

Result achieved

This email which leads to a sales letter helped the client to achieve a 75% click through rate and boosted sales by 50%.

The client was so happy with this copy that they retained us for its email campaigns.

freelance email copywriting for alternative medicine brands

Newsletter Email Sample

About this project - Newsletter for a teeth whitening company

What the client wanted

The company sends all the post published on their blog for the week to subscribers every Friday.

So, this email was meant to provide the subscribers with all the valuable educational posts they need to keep a whiter and a brighter to make them visit their site and read them.

Solution provided

This email written to engage the audience and prompt them to click on the links an visit the website.

Result achieved

45% of the subscribers opened the email, 30% clicked on the links and visited the website.

freelance copywriter for health brands

Welcome Email Sample

About this project - Stress Detox supplement e-commerce website welcome email

Project expectation

This email is a welcome email sent to new subscribers.

The client wanted new to note the brand and also to join its group on Facebook and to sell their stress management product.

Solution provided

The email was written in a friendly voice and pointed the subscribers to the most important actions to take like joining their Facebook group.

Result achieved

This email has a 75% open rate and most of the Facebook group member said they joined from a link in the welcome email.

freelance copywriter for alternative health medicine brands
freelance copywriter for health brands

Nurture Email Sample

About this project - nurture email series for a hair loss wig brand.

What client wanted

The client wanted a series of 5 nurture emails that will lead to sales of their hair loss wigs to subscribers dealing with hair loss.

Solution delivered

This email is the first of the 5 email series and was written telling the story of the founders to engage the subscribers.


This email had a 65% open rate and 50% of the people who opened the mail clicked on the link.

3 people bought the wig.

freelance copywriter for alternative health brands
freelance email copywriter for health brands

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