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What if you could TRIPLE the sales of your side business with LESS MONEY SPENT ON ADS?

Are you a full time employee trying to make more money on the side with a side business?

You squeezed out the little time you have and started a side hustle but have not been making as much sales as you want.

You understand the need to advertise your product or service online. . .

Tried marketing online, but each result gets you more frustrated. . .

It just feels like you are wasting your money and time on paid adverts and other online marketing efforts.

But . . . it doesn't need to be like that.

To reach the kind of audience that would be interested in your product, you must know who they are, where to find them and create the kind of marketing messages that resonate with them.

This ensures more of your ads dollars reach people who are actually interested in buying your product.

You may have the best ad creative or the best sales page or even both . . .
But of what good are these if you are targeting the WRONG AUDIENCE ?

On the other hand, you could have the right audience. . . what if the reason you have not been making sales is because you are targeting the RIGHT audience with the wrong marketing messages?

This is the reason we created the ROFM method to enable YOU connect with the people who REALLY need your product with right marketing messages.

With the ROFM method, we create a full sales funnel for your side business. All done for you by our team.

We take care of bringing you the right clients and persuading them to buy from you.

You get to connect with your target audience on a deep emotional level, so they see your business as the solution to their problem.

You serve the kind of audience you love and they pay you well because they value what you are selling.

And you get more loyal customers with less money spent on ads.

"I used Evunn Media for my social media promotional copies. They delivered exactly what I needed. Perfection and excellence are the two words that come to my mind at the moment after reviewing the final draft"

Founder: Her Strategy Hub

Amaz T

Sell ONLY to those who value what you offer with a full sales funnel built for your side business.

Hi. I am Chinenye Obiozor

  • Are you about to quit your side business because you are feeling so overwhelmed and having no sales?
  • Have you been spending a lot of money on ads and seeing little or no returns?
  • Do you want to start a side business to make more money but do not have the time to market it?
  • I know what it's like to struggle. To earn a salary that never makes ends meet. . . .to be bored with your job.

    . . . to want to create and sell your own product that you know will make a big difference in the world . . . and have no time to grow the business.

    Yet, you still have to go to that job because you have bills to pay . . . it really sucks . . . very frustrating.
  • I know because I have been there . . . I used to work full time on a job I never liked.

    . . .salary was never enough. I lived from one paycheck to another.

    . . .this circle went on repeatedly month after month for 5 years until I decided it was enough.

    I started an online business and
    . . . this led me to develop the ROFM system that could help people like me who felt trapped in their 9-5 jobs to be able to start and scale a side business even with little time spent on their side hustle.

    Using the ROFM system, I was able to make extra $150,000 a year while working ONLY 1 hour a day on my side business.

    It all starts with the right sales funnel that resonates with your ideal buyers . . . it puts your best foot forward and we are here to help you achieve MORE SALES for your side business.

    . . .and we have helped a lot of people like YOU make more money on the side with their side businesses . . . selling only to their dream customers.
freelance email copywriter for investment service brands

IMAGINE being able to ...


 Spend LESS of your ads revenue and make even more sales than you used to.


Sell only to customers who know the value of what you offer and pay you handsomely for it.


Connect with people who feel that all your sales copies are speaking directly to them.


 Effortlessly turn your content readers into loyal customers that love you and your brand.

A system that gets you the kind of customers you need effortlessly

With the ROFM method, you know exactly who you are selling to, . . . you know they really want what you are selling . . . YOU ARE NOT GUESSING.

Your marketing messages speak directly to them . . . and they love you and your brand for it.

And because they know that you have got their back any time, they trust you so much that they buy from you . . . refer their family and friends to you and not to your competitors.

All you need to do is to attend to your customers while we bring in the right leads for your side hustle. It's that simple.

And this is EXACTLY what you will get when you partner with us.

An audience that loves you INSTEAD of your competitors.

What you get when we collaborate:


How the ROFM method works

ROFM means:

R - Audience Research
O - Offer
F - Sales funnel
M - Go to market

We conduct a deep insight into your audience's common traits, challenges, common language, content they consume, preferred channels online and authority figures.

We create your sales landing page, home page, about us page, lead magnet page and ensure resonates with your target audience so they want to do business with you.

Divide your audience into 3 segments, create a customer persona for each segment or group who are most likely to buy from you. 

A sales funnel ( upsell and downsell) is set up for you to guide your website visitors to your offers with persuasive copies until they convert into customers.

Validate your offer to ensure its what your target audience wants to buy so you don't waste time and money creating products that no one wants to buy.

Run 5 ad campaigns, set up 5 automated emails (1 welcome email, 2 nurture emails & 2 sales emails) and 3 SEO optimized blog posts.

Prefer to use our services individually? Want an audience research or ads copies or email copies instead?

Let's help you make sales and bring your vision to reality ...

You attend to your customers WHILE 

 We bring you the right leads


Your full time job takes most of your time and when you are done for the day, all you want to do is rest. 

We want to take most of the burden of growing your dream side business off you. You get to invest only a little time handling your customers while we do the HEAVY LIFTING OF BRINGING YOU NEW LEADS.

All you ever need to do is to attend to customers who desperately need what you have to offer. 


You make money from your full time job and from your side hustle . . .then you are able to live a life of your dreams  . . . and finally become your own boss.

Get the right audience in front of your product.

Hear From Our

100% Satisfied Client

freelance sales copywriter for investment services and health industry

I used Evunn.com's audience research report services for my brand. They also created email campaign copies for my new business that grew my sales by 30% within one month.

I will highly recommend them.

Chinonye Ebelechukwu

Zona Logistics Ltd

Look at this

What if you wake up every morning, open your emails or social media account and see a lot of prospects raising their hands and asking for your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Does that sound like what you would like to have?

This is ONLY possible if your marketing messages target the right audience with the right product, in the right place and in their own language addressing their pains and desires.

And we don't only send you a target audience research report like other companies do which leaves you segmenting your audience AND CREATING YOUR SALES FUNNEL yourself.

We take it a step further by segmenting your audience, working with the kind of message that resonates with each segment.


From the result of the research, we would create customer personas to help you know EXACTLY who you are targeting.

We then validate your offer, create the right messages for your ideal audience, create your funnels and run your advert and email campaigns to bring you those RIGHT LEADS.

Our only focus is to help you make more sales so your side business can grow. This is the reason we put in everything we have to provide a well detailed sales funnel that would help you attract ideal customers faster.

Let's face it, there is fierce competition on the internet. Not knowing who you are targeting will leave YOU with little or no sales.

Internet users are almost suffocated with thousands of ads everyday. How do you distinguish yourself from all your rivals offering similar products at low prices?

How can you become the ONLY OBVIOUS choice in your market?

You can only do this with the right sales funnel .

We can help you achieve that.

Targeted message for the right
audience . . . more revenue for your business.

How many marketing adverts do your prospects sift through on a daily basis?

They are overwhelmed with sales pitches — 'hard pitches' begging for their money. Facebook adverts, TV ads, Twitter, blogs, search engines, handbills, etc. It never ends!

Even their emails are also overloaded with offers from all corners.

How can you be unforgettable in a world that is filled with so much adverts?

Any kind of content targeting everyone will NEVER penetrate the "marketing shields' your prospective clients have setup to be able to survive the world of today.

People want to buy from brands that understand them, that speaks the way they speak. A brand that really 'gets' them.

You become the light that shines in their darkness. You form a close bond with your prospects.

They click on the links to your offer and buy because they know you have their best interest at heart . . . you have earned their trust.

Creating your sales funnel yourself:

  • Is time consuming. It will take you a lot of time to set up your business and start getting quality leads.
  • Will cost you a lot of time on trial and error if you really don't know how to set up the right sales funnel
  • You may end up being less productive in your full time job if you decide to spend a lot more time in your side business and this may lead to job loss meaning you lose on both ends.
Freelance sales EMAIL copywriter for investment and health industry

If you don't have a sales funnel for your side business yet, you are are shooting yourself on the foot . . . and costing your business a great deal of opportunities to grow.

EVERY BUSINESS needs the right SALES FUNNEL to get leads. We bring you the right leads so you focus on running your business.

Get Started

freelance email copywriter for alternative health brands

How our lead generating system works:

Typical time line: 14-25 days

  • We talk over the phone for a strategy session to ask you some questions about your brand, products and clients.
  • Interview 5 of your best clients to understand why they buy from you. This is OPTIONAL.
  • Conduct an in-dept audience analysis which will supply you with hard-to-collect data about your clients and their favourite places online, a well segmented audience and the right messaging for your brand.
  • Validate your offer
  • Write your sales copies which includes 1 home page, 1 about us page, 1 lead magnet page,1 sales page, set up your upsell and downsell, write 5 Facebook advert copies and 5 email copies
  • Run 5 Facebook ads and set up 5 automated email campaigns.
Freelance sales EMAIL copywriter for investment and health industry

Our services are a good fit for you if:

  • You want to start or have started a side business and want to grow it.
  • You are willing to spend a minimum of $60 a day running ads to bring in leads.
  • If that person is you, we can definitely help you make more sales to the right audience.

After 6 weeks and you are not making more sales,
you get 100% of your money back

So . . . if you are ready to start attracting more and better clients and create a bigger impact with your products . . .

. . . schedule a call with us below — start the process of growing a brand you would be proud of. SELL MORE to your ideal clients.

Get 10%
off your first order

We understand that this is the first time you are working with us . . . get 10% off your first order as a welcome gift from us.

We don't mind losing some of our profit because we care about your business and want you to experience how much our services could help your business grow.

However, this discount will ONLY be available for 48 hours from NOW. So, hurry!

Sell More with the ROFM Method

Make more 

How much is it worth to you
to ensure:

Your marketing messages are no longer drowned-out by your competitor's messages?

Your adverts are no longer dismissed by your target audience as just another 'pitch' or advertisement from 'some brand'?

You can introduce your offer or message in a way that cuts through all the noise and distractions online?

And have your target audience indicate their interest in your offer and buy.

To sum up:
with our ROFM method, you will receive . . .

  • Research of your target audience so you know exactly their challenges and the kind of product they REALLY need, so you don't provide products/service they don't want to buy.
  • Your offer is validated to ensure it's what your target audience wants to buy and at the price you want to sell it.
  • A full sales funnel is created for you. This includes home page, about us page, lead magnet page, offer page, downsell and upsell set up, 5 Facebook ads copy and 5 automated email copies (1 welcome email, 2 nurture emails and 2 sales emails)
  • We run your Facebook ad campaign (up to 3 ad sets) and automate 5 emails to help you get leads and start making sales immediately.
  • Create 3 (2,000 words each) SEO optimised blog posts for your business to help your website rank and bring in leads from search engines
  • 10% discount on your first purchase.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
chinenye obiozor

Chinenye Obiozor


P.S. One more point. It's very important:

A few months from now, you could still be struggling to get your target audience to buy your products . . . struggling to get noticed . . . struggling to sell the products that took you time and effort to create.

Or. . . you could be the one your target audience is talking about . . . with your ads campaigns bringing you more sales even while you sleep.

The choice is yours to make.

You could get ALL the services listed above. . .

And keep making sales as long as you want.

P.P.S. Remember . . . with our ROFM method, you won't need to do any other thing to start making sales. All you have to do is attend to your customers as you see sales roll in.

Ready to start making more sales in your side hustle?

Do you prefer to use our services individually? Want an audience research or ads copies or email copies instead?

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