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tools to get more customers

Get your dream customers faster with the right tools

We only recommend tools we use for our business and those that have passed through our verification process. There is no fluff here – just the tools we find to be essential to help you grow your customer base and retain old ones.

There are a lot of tools out there. You don’t want to keep experimenting with your business and resources till you find what works. Making the right choice for your business, can be the plug you have been looking for.

For sometime now, we have been testing a lot of online customer acquisition and retention tools to find the ones that will be the game changer for businesses in the creative industry.

Listed below are the critical few that will believe will help your business grow immensely.

Grow Your Email List

Activecampaign email automation tool

When it comes to building email list and email automation, activecampaign is one of the most powerful tools you can rely on. Its easy to use and beginner friendly. Using their automated workflows will help you send fewer emails and achieve more results.

This platform offers you all your email marketing, list building, automatons and customer management tools in one box. You don’t need to have your customer information scattered in different platforms. They have a very friendly support and their entry level starts at $9 monthly – for 500 contacts.

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Write Great Sales Copy

Sales content writing tool Jasper AI
Jasper AI

Writing great content is a lot of work and takes so much time. Without creating content, we won’t be able to communicate our offer to our customers. 

This is the reason we recommend Jasper AI. Jasper.ai (Jarvis) is an artificial intelligence that writes sales and marketing copy for you. You can use it to write social media posts, blog posts, Facebook ads, website content, video scripts, sales emails, even fictional stories

Jasper can finish your first draft 5X faster than writing it yourself. Since Jasper has read most of the internet, it knows the topic you are writing about extensively… saving you hours of researching. Staying on-brand in your writing is key! Luckily, Jasper understands how to write in different kinds of tones like witty, angry, suspenseful, or luxurious. Its content is 100% original and passes all 3rd party plagiarism tests.

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Guide and Connect With Website Visitors

livechat customer acquisition tools
Live Chat

Live chat gives your website visitors a direct live experience making it easier to turn them into leads. Sometimes, if not most times prospects want to speak to a real person to answer their questions in real time than to use FAQs or using emails.

Also, by using Live chat, you save a lot on phone call expenses that could become high if you want to reach international customers.

It allows you to share links, images and videos since you are working on screen. You also get to integrate it with a lot of other platforms that helps you interact with your customers in one place.

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Make More Sales

Get more customers

Referral Candy is a powerful platform that will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors with word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing has been proven to be the primary ways a lot of businesses have gone viral.

Word of mouth marketing is cheap. It will help you acquire a lot of loyal customers. With Referral Candy you will grow your business faster. Try Referral Candy

If you plan to take your business online, (recommended) you will need a very reliable web hosting platform that is beginner friendly and affordable.

Bluehost is a very powerful web hosting platform and highly recommended for its speed, 24 hours customer support.

They are rated #1 in web hosting for small businesses and they are an official WordPress recommended hosting provider.

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